• Atiqah Ho

How to Catfish Men?

We all know that men are visual creatures, so there is no such thing as a not attractive women, but only lazy ones who does not know how to make use of makeup skills.

So here I am trying to use a full face of thick makeup to enhance my features. Read on for the details!

Step 1: Prep & Prime

- Your usual skincare

- Tatcha Silk canvas

Step 2: Enlarging/Coloured contact lens

Step 3: Fake nose

You will need:

- FX Wax (I got mine here for S$28)

- Vaseline (I do not have it, so I used Egyptian Magic)

- Powder (I used Makeup Forever HD translucent powder)

Step 4: Base + Contour

- a full coverage foundation (I used IT cosmetics CC+ Cream with SPF50+ in light and tan)

- high coverage concealer (I used Dermacol in shade 223)

Step 5: Fake Jaw and Forehead Botox

You will need:

- 3M Medical Transpore Tape (I got mine from Sasa for S$4)

Step 6: Eyebrows + Eyes

- Brows (I used the Sephora Collection Colourful 5 Eyeshadow palette)

- Eyes (Tarte Tarteist PRO palette)

- Extremely fake lashes

- Eyeliner (Kate Liquid liner)

- Double eyelid Gauze (I got mine from Sasa)

Step 7: Blush & Lips

- Blush (NARS Orgasm)

- Lips (3CE Style Nanda in Muse)

Step 8: Hair & Clothes

- Curled my hair (GHD Soft curls Curler)

- Push up Bra and a nice dress

Remember, there is no such thing as an ugly girl, only lazy ones.


Watch the full video here:

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